Great news for the service

It's been a long time... We have great news for you: we just updated our platform to bring you new cool features.

Sites with paywalls

You can now save articles from websites with paywalls.

In Site credentials, you need to create a new credential by typing the domain name (without the https://www. part – we'll improve it soon), your username and your login. It's stored in our database in an encrypted way: just remember that wallabag is an open source app so you can check that by yourself! We won't (and we can't) use your data.

Today, you can save articles from,,,, and in coming days,,, and will be available. If you want to add new websites, please contact us.

Other new features:

  • you can now remove all your archived entries by one click (on the config screen)
  • we store publication date and author of each article if our system can detect them
  • we added a notmaches operator for the automatic tagging rules (available on the config screen)
  • there is a confirmation when you want to delete an article to avoid mistake
  • we added tags on the list view
  • thanks to the filters, you can now retrieve easily the articles which were shared publicly. We also improve the public view of the articles.
  • we added RSS for tags and for all entries
  • желанный! wallabag speaks Russian 🇷🇺!
  • you can now store the origin URL of an article (for example, the tweet where you found the link) by editing the article (click on the pencil on the article view).

Support us!

Some of you told me that €9 is not very expensive: I know that but I want that stays an affordable service. But if you want, you can now support us with a support subscription (€25 a year).

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